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Tips to Breaking Those Bad Spending Habits

October 12, 2021

Tips to Breaking Those Bad Spending Habits

Most people have bad spending habits, which can often affect your ability to save money. For example, do you spend the bulk of your monthly income on unnecessary things? Do you have no idea where all your money is going each month?

Bad spending habits can arise depending on your interests and lifestyle. Saving should always be a priority regardless of how much we all want to spend instead of saving.

In this article, we explain how you can get into the habit of saving your money, finding help through online loans and break your bad spending habits. Some of the most common spending habits we hear about include:


Not planning your meals

If you have no time to cook or go grocery shopping, this will often end up in grabbing food on your way home or throughout the day. Whether it’s grabbing food on the go, ordering take-out, or going out to eat, this uses money that could instead be saved by spending less money on buying groceries and cooking at home.

Be organised by pre-prepping meals and being creative when buying your groceries. A convenient way of doing this would be:


  • Stocking your freezer and fridge with staples that you can purchase in bulk.
  • Order groceries online, which means you won’t have to go into stores or buy unnecessary items.
  • Using leftovers means you will waste less food and save money.


Justifying your bad spending

No matter how much you spend on something, there will always be a reason behind the purchase. But when it comes to non-essentials, you do not always have to justify your purchase, and this bad habit can be broken by continuously tracking your spending and asking yourself if it is something you need. Understanding what you need and want is very important for saving money.


Treating yourself

Yes, we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while, but you should only do this within reason. This needs to be a reward and should not break the bank.


Bad spending habits that you can break today


Using your credit card for daily purchases

You should avoid using your credit card for everyday purchases such as groceries and gas. The best way to handle this would be immediately paying off the balance you put on your card for everyday purchases. Doing this will help you avoid interest and not go over your budget.


Buying things online

It’s hard to avoid online deals when marketing pressurising you to purchase something. Having a substantial online spending spree can lead to guilt when buying items you don’t need. You’d be much happier if you saved that money instead.


Buying brand named grocery products

You don’t always need to buy a specific product brand when a generic household brand does the same job. You can save money each month using this method.




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